Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Working hands

She only knows one thing she can do in her life. Work the fields and stay out trouble. The chinese are around... Somewhere by the road in Tibet. September 2006.

Freshen up

Some times you have to stop what you're doing because you just can't handle the heat. Even your prayers. Lhasa, Tibet. September 2006.

Pilgrim season

September is a busy season for the city of Lhasa. Thousands of people come to pray and walk for hours around the temple. Always clockwise. Lhasa, Tibet.

Beauty sleep

Mount Everest shot during the night. No words can describe the beauty of the top of the world. Base Camp. Mount Everest, Tibet. September 2006.

The power of the praying flags

Praying flags blow at the wind at high speed making an stunning sound that puts you closer to god. Namtso Lake. At 4800 meters alt. Tibet.

Faith in concrete

Two pilgrims pray around the Lhasa temple. Always clockwise. Lhasa, Tibet. September, 2006.

Rush to your prayers

Old man spins the prayer wheels in a tibetan temple in Mc Loed Ganj, home of the Dalai Lama exile government. North of India, September 2006.